Why I'm Running

I’m really honoured to be Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for the Humberside Police force area.

I’m standing because I passionately believe there should be greater transparency and accountability of our police and that the public should have much more of a say in determining the force’s priorities and responsibilities.

I was proud to help lead a Government that introduced CCTV cameras, anti-social behaviour orders, police community support officers, neighbourhood policing and reduced crime by more than 40%. I also worked closely with several Humberside Police Chief Constables since 1970.

But I believe it’s also important to have a PCC who understands social policy and how it can help combat crime and unrest. I drafted policies on getting people back to work and regenerating our areas, like the £1b New Deal for the Communities programme and the £500m coalfield community programme.

My five campaign pledges are:

  • Keep our police public, more accountable and observing national standards with total opposition to the privatisation of front line services.
  • Give the community a greater say in the drafting of the new five-year Police and Crime plan. This shouldn’t be left to those who think they know best.
  • Greater co-ordination between the community, local partnerships, neighbourhood watch groups, the police and probation officers to reduce crime.
  • Better support for victims of crime, giving them more of a say in how criminals should pay back to society through community service.
  • Be a strong public voice for our police and community at a national and Parliamentary level, fighting for better resources. I will be a full-time local Commissioner, decentralising power and holding regular police surgeries and crime summits with the public across the region.

 You can read more about my pledges here.

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