Prescott spells out why he's standing for Police and Crime Commissioner


John Prescott tells the Yorkshire Post on how greater co-operation between agencies and police will beat crime.

“This week I was in Scunthorpe and went to a mosque and asked them what their priorities were. They didn’t come out with a whole list of crimes of burglary, or murder, or whatever. What they did say is they are fed up of people being drunk in the streets and sleeping in the streets."


They want the streets to be cleared and free. An awful lot of antisocial activity, while not being a crime, is what causes the greatest offence.

“I think we are getting into a phase that attracted me – the social aspect of it which does lead to antisocial behaviour is something you can deal with in a different way. That will open up a debate on crime in a way that hasn’t taken place in this country. Its always been about police numbers.

“What challenges me is the community have come up with the idea that you leave all of this to the council or the police or the government, but they are affected most by the antisocial behaviour, so why don’t they do it more.

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