Prescott says better community policing will cut crime in Scunthorpe


John Prescott tells the Scunthorpe Telegraph why better community policing will help cut crime in the town.

John said he would aim to regain the streets of North Lincolnshire, with community policing at the top of his priorities.

He visited the area's Neighbourhood Action Teams, Westcliff Community Centre, the Central Community Centre, Central Mosque and the CCTV control centre.


He said: "The difficulties that people are facing and complaining about are anti-social issues, such as drink and drugs.

"Today has given me chance to get a reflection of the problems that an elected commissioner will have to deal with.

"I aim to be the voice of the people and I want the community to tell me what they want in this policing plan.

"I want to make it clear that we want to regain the streets.

"I have heard concerns about people having to deal with walking over street drinkers and beer cans on the street and this is not acceptable."

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