My Pledges

1. Keep our police force public, more accountable and observing national standards with total opposition to the privatisation of front line services.

The police are there to serve the public. Introducing private companies to our front line services clouds that simple aim and questions who the police are there to serve.  I will fight tooth and nail to ensure our frontline policing services are not outsourced to private security firms.

2. Give the community a greater say in the drafting of the new five-year Police and Crime plan. This shouldn’t be left to those who think they know best.

We know our communities best, so we should work more in partnership with the police to help solve local problems. I will tour East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire to consult with you, listening in your community to what your needs are. That does mean the return of the Prescott Express. I will also look into setting up a People’s Police Commission consisting of members of the public from across the force area to advise the Commissioner and the policing panel.

3. Greater co-ordination between the community, local partnerships, neighbourhood watch groups, the police and probation officers to reduce crime.

I am not afraid to bang heads together to ensure that organisations work for local people not against them. Crime is complex and we need to tackle it from all points in the cycle, from prevention to probation. Greater teamwork and pooling ideas will produce better policing by consent

4. Better support for the victims of crime, giving them more of a say in how criminals should pay back to society through community service.

I fully support Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs. I will champion initiatives that tackle personal crimes where the victim is often not the central thought of the policing system. I also believe the community should have more of a say on how criminals repay their debt to society through community service orders.

5. Be a strong public voice for our police force and community at a national and Parliamentary level. I will be a full-time and local Commissioner, decentralising power and holding regular police surgeries with the public across the region.

I’m committed to our area, having lived in the Humberside Police force area for more than 40 years. I also know how to work on a national and parliamentary level to ensure our area gets the strong voice it deserves. I will hold regular police surgeries across the region and an annual crime summit to help protect the public from being victims of crime and improve relations with the police. I also believe we should be less North Bank-focused and formulate mini Police and Crime Plans to reflect the different policing needs of each area – from rural areas to our towns and cities.


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