Prescott Plans A 'Plan B' To Stop Police Cuts

September 13


LABOUR'S candidate for Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner John Prescott today launches his campaign, promising to come up with a 'Plan B' to
protect cuts to frontline police.

New figures reveal 121 frontline Humberside Police officers have already been axed in the last two years because of the Government's 20% cut to police budgets.


Prescott spells out why he's standing for Police and Crime Commissioner

August 22


John Prescott tells the Yorkshire Post on how greater co-operation between agencies and police will beat crime.

“This week I was in Scunthorpe and went to a mosque and asked them what their priorities were. They didn’t come out with a whole list of crimes of burglary, or murder, or whatever. What they did say is they are fed up of people being drunk in the streets and sleeping in the streets."


Prescott demands answers on vandalised memorial in Grimsby

August 20

Photo by This is Grimsby

John Prescott talks to the Grimsby Telegraph on why he's demands answers for anti-social behaviour in Grimsby.

John Prescott arrived in Grimsby’s St James’ Square, and immediately demanded to know who was responsible for vandalism to the Fishermen’s Memorial.

Several tiles on which the memorial stands have been deliberately smashed.